Who are we?

Our Mission

The mission of the Estudio para el Bel Canto has a dual purpose: 
first, to favour the formation of young artists with a highly developed sensitivity, professional aptitude, sense of history and ethical compromise; andsecond, to promote communication, collaboration and exchange among them from a humanistic conception of art.

Mayda Prado

Soprano, Cuban-born American professor with a long history of performances and excellent special gifts for teaching vocal technic and stage performance. Thanks to her powerful vocal technique, magnificent expressive powers and her innate sense of interpretation, coupled with her vast knowledge of music in general.  Read more… 

Who are we?

The Estudio para el Bel Canto, created and directed by Prof. Mayda Prado, offers since 2010 within a series of Master Classes, that are given voluntarily by its founder and guests artists which includes individual lessons, advice on Lyric Diction in five languages, various conferences illustrated in relation to the art of singing, its history which includes the anatomical and physiological characteristics involved in its vocal emission, working of new repertoire by personalities invited from the world of Culture and Science who generously come to support its mission. It is a nonprofit summer workshop where young Mexicans and international singers extend their knowledge contributing to the health and their vocal artistic progress. The three weeks of work culminates in three public concerts in which participants sing to demonstrate their knowledge.

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